A Special Day for Women: TM Retreat and Yogic Neuroplasticity: Rewiring Your Brain to Be More Unified, Healthy and Successful, Saturday 10. October

Saturday, 10 October
Rewiring Your Brain to Be More Unified, Healthy and Successful
Yogic Neuroplasticity  
You are invited to a special Conference Call: Building a Healthier & More Blissful Brain and Online TM Day Retreat for Women to enjoy Bliss and Total Knowledge with Dr. Cynthia Arenander & Raj Rajeshwari Mona.

Your brain creates your reality, your world. At each moment, the enormous activity of your billions of brain cells work together to create a specific brain patterns. These changing patterns determine everything. They determine how you think, how you feel, how you behave and how integrated your physiology is at every moment. The more you understand and appreciate these patterns, the better your brain will work to benefit you.

This informative PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Cynthia Arenander is filled with awe-inspiring graphics, photos and videos so you will be able to visualize how the brain works and constructs brain patterns. In particular, you will see in the EEG, the dramatic shift in EEG brainwave patterns of before and after learning Transcendental Meditation.

This will demonstrate how powerful the experience of transcending is to rewire the brain to create more orderly and unified patterns of activity. Research documents that more orderly and unified brain activity is the basis of enjoying better health, success and happiness.  

Remember More of Who You Really Are
“Women transcending together—creating a sanctuary of bliss from home” 
What is a Day TM Retreat?
A Day TM Retreat allows you to devote a few hours to your own self-care — gaining profound relaxation to dissolve deep-rooted stresses and awakening deeper, more fulfilling values of your own inner Being.

You can choose just to participate in the lecture and Global Group Meditation at 3:30 PM CEST or participate in the TM Retreat Day and Lecture starting from 8:00 or 10:00 AM CEST until evening programme. 

Blissful Knowledge and TM Retreat Day Includes:
• Rounding for Meditators, Sidhas, & Governors
• Maharishi Yoga Asanas and Pranayama
• Maharishi Tape – Discussion – Questions & Answers
• Inspiring visual Knowledge Presentation: Building a Healthier & More Blissful Brain
• Group Meditation and Group Checking of Transcendental Meditation

There will be translations in German and Spanish.

You can apply here.

For questions: TMwomen108@gmail.com

Featuring leaders of the Global TM Women’s Organization

Dr. Cynthia Arenander

Maharishi Vedic University
International Faculty
Brain Research Institute
Program Director

Raj Rajeshwari Mona

PhD Political Science
Maharishi University of World Peace
Maharishi Ayurveda Naturarzt, Switzerland

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