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Eliminating the basis of disease by bringing life
into accord with Natural Law

Two Weekends — 26-27 September & 3-4 October

‘Prevention is the spontaneous ability to prevent violation of Natural Law through all thought, speech, and action.’

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

A Course on Good Health through Prevention, p. 2.

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to prevent ill health by bringing all areas of life into harmony with Natural Law.

Vaidya Hanumantha Rao, MD (Ayurveda) will lead this interactive course. Dr Rao is an esteemed faculty member at MERU. He is also Chief physician at the MERU Health Centre in the Netherlands.

Topics of the course include the following:

  • Maintaining balance in the physiology for prevention
  • The fundamentals of a healthy and wholesome diet
  • Importance of good digestion and metabolism for prevention
  • Strengthening the immune system by promoting fully lively Ojas
  • Balancing the three Doshas
  • Life in accordance with the cycles of nature through balanced daily and seasonal routine
  • Balanced exercise
  • Behaviour that supports prevention by upholding the evolutionary and nourishing qualities of Natural Law (Achar Rasayana)
  • Human physiology the expression of Veda and Vedic literature
  • Development of individual and collective consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation programme

Schedule of the course:

Duration: 16 hours during two weekends

Dates: 26-27 September & 3-4 October 2020

Times: Morning session: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Afternoon session: 3:00 PM– 5:00 PM

The recording of the course will remain online for one month for those who could not attend the live sessions.

Course fee: EUR 108.00

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