International young Meditator’s Course

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13 – 23 October 2019

Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

It’s the biggest event of the year for young Meditators!

In the Global Family Chat aired on 15 May, Raja Peter inspired us all with the news of the International Young Meditators’ Course, showing highlight videos from past years and offering insights about this year’s course in Spain this coming October.

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Dr Peter Swan (right) introducing Raja Peter (left) on the 15 May Global Family Chat.

Raja Peter began by speaking about the history of this course and how it is modelled on the residence courses Maharishi himself held. Just like those early residence courses, today’s International Young Meditators’ Courses are held in beautiful locations around the world, with the purpose of providing deep experiences through extended rounding and profound knowledge accessible to all Meditators, both experienced and completely new. This awareness, Raja Peter explained, gives young Meditators much more clarity on their direction in life – and even inspires many to become Teachers of Transcendental Meditation in their countries.

In addition to showing highlight videos from past years and invitations to this year’s course, Raja Peter invited the young course leaders to join the call and express the highlights from their perspective. James Scott from the UK described the wonderful opportunity of joining such a large group as last year’s course in Romania offered, with 130 participants from around the world coming together. Daniel Pal affirmed the joy of the coherence created by such a group, and expressed how delighted he was to see everyone’s eagerness for Maharishi’s knowledge. And Cristina Ballesteros added that the course offers the perfect balance of rest, holiday in the sunshine, deep knowledge, and great company with friends and leaders in the Movement.

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Clockwise from top left: Raja Antonio of Spain, Daniel Pal, Cristina Ballesteros, and James Scott speaking about the upcoming course in Spain.

To conclude the call, Raja Antonio of Spain offered his reflections about the course, saying there is something particularly special when young people come together. Raja Peter and Dr Peter Swan echoed this sentiment, and encouraged all young Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors to book their place on the course.

The course this year is open for all Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors aged approximately 16 – 45. We invite you to watch the chat, read the invitation below, and share with all young Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors. To view the Global Family Chat, please click this link and press click ‘Play’ for the 15 May replay.

Raja Peter has a great focus on creating a new generation of leadership in the world to ensure the maintenance and expansion of Maharishi’s gifts of Vedic knowledge, and all the programmes that are required to ensure invincibility for every country and peace for the world.

Dr Peter Swan

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Join us in sunny Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain for the tenth annual International Young Meditators’ Course – the biggest event of the year for young Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors, aged approximately 16 – 45.

Over ten relaxing days, you’ll dive deep into your Transcendental Meditation practice, meet young Meditators from around the globe, and learn how you can use Maharishi’s knowledge to live your best life.

More than 130 young people joined us for last year’s course in Romania. We can’t wait to see how many come together in 2019!

Watch highlights from last year’s course in Romania

After the video you’ll also have the chance to watch an invitation to this year’s course from Raja Antonio of Spain and Cristina Ballesteros.

Click here if you’re having trouble with the player.

This year’s location:
Sunny Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

This year’s course takes place in a 4-star hotel on a beautiful beach of the Baleriac Sea on the east coast of Spain, south of Barcelona. Course meetings and meditation all conveniently happen in the hotel, with time outside in the sun and fresh air so you get fully refreshed and recharged.

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10 days of deep rest & meditation

One of the biggest benefits you’ll receive from this course is lots of time dedicated to your Transcendental Meditation practice.

Previous course participants have said that the experience of rounding on this course was truly life-changing – they came out of the ten days feeling inspired, refreshed, with new clarity on their direction in life.

What 2018 participants had to say …

I’ve been 3 years in a row now and this one – with over 130 people – held some especially magical moments. This course always spurs big, priceless changes in my life, more changes in one week than the other 51 put together.

Jamie Knapp, The Netherlands

It was my first rounding course, and this experience was exceptional for me. It is exceptional in terms of the new knowledge and increased understanding of Transcendental Meditation – also in terms of the warmth, support, acceptance, and kindness of everyone.

Ola Issa, Palestine

This was a great, great course. I have never participated in an international course before and I am really impressed. We created such a good energy.

Adela Herea, Romania

It happens only once a year …

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how this course will transform your future!

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