with Dr Peter Warburton

26 August – 20 September

12 Live Online Interactive Sessions
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, 8.00 – 9.15 pm UK Time (GMT+1)Free first session, Wednesday 26 August at 8.00 pm UK Time


Course fee £95; concession for Certified TM Teachers £59 – Suitable for all TM Meditators, TM Sidhas, and TM Teachers
When developing the Total Knowledge charts, Maharishi went into great detail on every subject in the charts, including culture and religion. In this special course, Dr Warburton will present Maharishi’s insights into the knowledge and experience of enlightenment as expressed in the great cultures of the world.
Since the 1970s, under Maharishi’s guidance, Dr Warburton has probed deeply into the ancient records of civilization to reveal an unbroken thread of knowledge of the divine potential of life throughout history. The profound fruit of this extensive research will be served as the delightful banquet of this course.  
The course will include historic footage of Maharishi’s fascinating meetings with cultural and religious leaders when he first arrived in the west.
It will also include Maharishi’s analysis – portrayed in a chart developed together with Dr Warburton – of the rise and fall of history’s great civilisations, as reflected in the cultural and religious values of those civilisations.  
Throughout the course, Dr Warburton will draw upon extensive exchanges with Maharishi during the development of the Total Knowledge charts. We are fortunate that he will now share this wisdom with us.
Delivered in Dr Warburton’s unique style, the course will intertwine fascinating course materials, charts, and videotapes of Maharishi with precious learning experiences and personal anecdotes from Dr Warburton’s own time with Maharishi.
“Captivating, joyful presentation of Maharishi’s teachings.
Raja Peter is delightful…not to be missed!” – E.B. (Course Participant)
“The course is very deeply enlightening, very lively, and offering a wonderful chance for the evolution of every participant – Maharishi’s knowledge presented in a way that makes it understandable for every sincere learner.” – R.S.
 “Since starting the course, I have noticed I am more open to love and more open to transcendental consciousness, and realised I had some resistance to it before that I was unaware of. I feel having this knowledge and understanding of the creative process of life has enabled me to trust life more and receive it more. Knowing that we are already enlightened and we just have to remember it, and knowing that it is already all there inside me, I feel more at peace and at ease with myself – not having to force anything, that it is all a natural process.” – D.L-B.
 “Raja Peter’s presentations were astounding and amazing. This course brought such waves of joy to me, especially to see religion come alive as an integrated reality born of expansion of consciousness and not just as a theoretical or philosophical speculation. I had done some courses on Comparative Religion many moons ago but hearing it from Maharishi’s perspective, and from someone who had that close interaction with Maharishi, was incredible and mind-blowing, to say the least.” – W.A.
 “I loved the relaxed feeling, that this course was not so much an intellectual exercise as it was experiential – allowing us to experience God through the eyes of different religions.” – S.W.
 “Raja Peter ran the course brilliantly, always making everyone feel so comfortable and at home and, at the same time, presenting the knowledge in a more focussed and clear way than ever…The balance of knowledge and stories etc. was perfect, and it was such a delightful experience for everyone. Raja Peter made every course participant’s contribution valuable and acceptable, however unusual! The course really fulfilled the whole range of course participants, from new Meditators to old timers.” – S.B.
 “A delightful, enlightening, moving, inspirational, and satisfying course. All of these things wrapped in Raja Peter’s simplicity of delivery, at a pace that enables everyone, at whatever level of starting, to move forward effortlessly and discover their true enlightened Selves. A perfect course!” – C.B.
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